December 17, 2013

EASY-IMP Kicks off!

We are very excited to announce our participation in the EASY-IMP projected, which kicked-off in September. EASY-IMP is a very ambitious project aiming to develop methodologies, tools and platforms for the design and production of personalised products, combining wearable intelligent sensors with mobile and cloud computing. 

The EASY infrastructure will enable all interested 3rd parties to offer new services to smart phone users, thus evolving into an open platform of literally infinite applications in many target markets. 

More specifically EASY will focus on the following pilot applications:
- outdoor video games,
- personal training,
- functional rehabilitation
- assisted living for the elderly and handicapped  

The selected application scenarios will include among other miniature motion, skin-temperature, and skin-conductivity sensors. The project will build up-on existing games, sport and training applications for testing and demonstration purposes, while focussing on the development of the methodological Meta-Product framework. It will develop guidelines and standards, methodologies, and reference-architectures for the design and production of smart garments.

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